Little Readers' Nook​​
Give your child the Little Reader advantage!
English Language Skills (Vocabulary, Comprehension, Oral Communication), Creative Thinking and Love for Reading
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Read our FAQs to know more and give your child the Little Reader advantage at one of our 50+ locations across India and overseas today!

Finally, why Little Readers' Nook?

- We've handpicked the best in world children's literature...

award-winning and celebrated picture story books, painstakingly curated just for you!

- Our Read Alouds pack a uniquely dramatic punch...

and are proven at effectively engaging kids with books.

- We've done the research, your child reaps the benefits!

Our team of experts puts careful thought into designing effective props and activities around the books we pick.

- Our Unique 'Learning Disguised as Fun' Approach...
 where children use new words in creative hands-on ways, analyse stories, predict what happens next, think of new twists, retell stories with expression and confidence.
​- Friendly, Joyful, Nurturing Atmosphere...
and small group size encourages reticent kids to open up.
​- Weekly Sessions followed by Reinforcement at Home...
work in tandem to give kids the Little Reader advantage!

​​​​​​Once upon a story-time, a child traipsed all over a far away land.

One day he was a big brown dog chasing multi-hued butterflies, the next day saw him a cheeky little monkey, swinging from the tree-tops!

Each day though, he came back home with a mind brimming with curiosity, new words, rich insights and a blossoming imagination.

Let that child be yours.​​​​

​​Welcome to Little Readers' Nook, India's favourite story-based language program, where we take your child on the journey of a lifetime, delving deep into the magical world of books to develop English language skills (vocabulary, comprehension, oral communication), creative thinking and above all, a love for reading, ​​​helping you shape independent learners, confident communicators, creative thinkers and unabashed book-lovers!

Why Picture Story Books?

- Rich Vocabulary, Evocative Language

Picture books introduce children to rich language, complex sentence structures and a variety of words unlike early reader or chapter books.

- Interesting Multicultural Plots

The plots in picture books are far more intricate and interesting, introducing children to new ideas, cultures and lines of thought.

​- Pictures Add Joy, Aid Comprehension

The colourful pictures not only attract children to the book, but promote conversation and help children interpret and analyse stories in uniquely personal ways.

Learning to Read versus Reading to Learn

Your child will eventually learn to read at his or her own pace using the method their school uses - phonics, whole language or a mix of the two.

But is simply decoding words enough? No!

- Will your child comprehend what they read and draw logical inferences, grasping the unsaid?

- Will they have a rich vocabulary and a sophisticated grasp of grammar to draw upon?

- Will they think independently and out-of-the-box, and communicate these thoughts effectively?

- Above all, will they find joy in reading?

These complex skills are essential for learning in later school years, and are best acquired with sustained exposure to good books from an early age, our prime focus at Little Readers' Nook.