Little Readers' Nook
Vocabulary, Language, Communication, Comprehension & Creative Thinking through Stories
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Our weekly story sessions go far beyond storytelling or book reading, delving deep into story books to develop a child's Vocabulary, Oral Communication, Comprehension, Language Concepts, Emotional Intelligence and Creative Thinking.

Here's what the unique weekly story program at Little Readers' Nook offers your child:

- a platform to explore the best in world children's literature,

- effortless assimilation of rich language and concepts from award-winning picture story books,​ 

- do and discover learning approach that reinforces vocabulary, communication, language, comprehension and creative thinking,

- a friendly and joyful ambience to fully enjoy research-backed games, hands-on activities and open-ended conversations around books.​ 

Read on to know more and have your child be a Little Reader at one of our 50+ locations in India and overseas today!

​​​...helping you shape confident communicators, creative thinkers and unabashed book-lovers!

Books light up the whole world for your child, introducing exciting new ideas and inspiring independent thought.  

Communication and creativity begins when the imagination is thus set free, and at Little Readers' Nook, we aim to do just that...