Learning to Read versus Love for Books

Children learn to read at their own pace in school - contrary to popular perception, experts maintain there is NO rush to 'learn to read' at an early age.

It's critical instead to instil a love for books!

Once children look upon books with joy, they learn to:​​

- comprehend what they read

- ponder on what they read to draw logical inferences and thinking independently and creatively

- use a rich vocabulary and sophisticated grammar
- communicate their thoughts effectively

These complex skills essential for later learning

are best acquired with sustained exposure to good books from an early age.

​​​​​​​Once upon a story-time... a child traipsed all over a far away land.

One day he was a big brown dog chasing butterflies, the next day saw him a cheeky monkey, swinging from the tree-tops!

Each day though, he came home with a mind brimming with curiosity, new words, rich insights and a blossoming imagination.

Let that child be yours.​​​​

India's favourite story-based language program takes your child on the journey of a lifetime, delving deep into the magical world of books to develop vocabulary, comprehension, communication, creative thinking and above all, a lifelong love for reading.

Once upon a story-time..... at Little Readers' Nook!​​
Language learning has never been so much fun!
Vocabulary, Comprehension, Communication, Creative Thinking, Love for Reading..... through the medium of stories.
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Why Picture Story Books?

- Rich Vocabulary and Language...

introduces children to complex sentence structures and a variety of words unlike early reader books.

- Interesting Multicultural Plots...

expose children to new ideas, cultures and lines of thought.

​- Pictures Aid Comprehension...

promoting conversation and helping children interpret and analyse stories in uniquely personal ways.

Finally, why Little Readers' Nook?

​- Our unique approach to language learning...
child-led story-based exploration of language, ensures your child absorbs language skills naturally, falling in love with language in the process.

- Our handpicked picture book collection...

boasts celebrated books by award-winning authors, curated from the best in world children's literature.

- Our sessions pack a uniquely dramatic punch...

effectively engaging kids with books.

​- Our friendly, joyful, nurturing atmosphere...
encourages even the most reticent kids to open up, think independently and express themselves freely.