A fun Life Skills class to spark free thinking and expression in kids!
Children must be taught how to think, not what to think.
— Margaret Mead

A fun Life Skills class

to spark free thinking & expression in kids!

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Would you rather discover your own truths, or be told what to do? Children are no different.

After a story about a tired mum who wanted a break, several kids went home from our class and offered to help with house chores. Parents were stunned! How did we teach their kids EMPATHY?

We did not! Kids discovered this LIFE SKILL on their own - as we relived it through the story.

Life skills offer essential tools to navigate all areas of life. Imagine your child facing bullying, ridicule, fear or failure. Don’t you want to equip them for these REAL WORLD CHALLENGES?

Enter Little Readers’ Nook, a safe, open, NO PREACHING space where kids tackle real world problems through DEEP DISCOVERY of their favourite stories, building critical life skills in the process:

  • Understanding feelings: Emotional intelligence

  • Can Do spirit: Growth mindset

  • Forming your own ideas: Creative thinking

  • Sharing ideas: Effective communication

Good stories mirror life, featuring hurdles children may face growing up. We provide a fun, stimulating environment for kids to dig deep and discover these lessons for life.


Our unique story approach encourages children to voice their feelings, questions and ideas. Kids love our class because we really listen when they speak!

Reading is at the heart of effective communication. Our Little Readers read to feed on words and ideas, reflect to imagine and understand, and finally, communicate powerfully to inspire!

Our questions make kids think.

Our stories help them understand.

Our listening sparks their self expression.

Join us in this adventure of a lifetime!

Our Methodology

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Multicultural books open windows to the world

Kids meet diverse people in celebrated multicultural books and stories, soaking in new ideas, words and rich language.

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Questions and drama - our secret sauce!

We specialise in asking probing questions to spark open conversations and using drama to dig deep into stories.

As kids step into characters’ shoes, they learn how other people think and share ideas to creatively solve problems.

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A magical brew sparks communication

Our programs are FUN! The most reticent child’s self expression soars with our magical brew of books, stories, art, drama, games, questions and conversations. Children never realise they have been ‘learning’!

We are on a mission to inspire young minds with powerful stories - to shape confident, creative, purposeful and expressive little people.

Over 10000 kids across the globe build positive attitudes in our unique class.





Join the revolution!

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3 Tiered Programs

While we advocate early intervention to stimulate thinking, we take small, age appropriate steps to ensure children are not burdened.

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Level 1 - Books made Fun

Parent and Child story times for ages 2-3

- Discover new words

- Develop active listening skills

- Action games, rhymes and sensory play

- Fall in love with the magical world of books

- Thematic learning with choicest picture books

45 minutes, once a week, offered at select locations

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Level 2 - READiscover

Early Literacy play and discovery for ages 4-7

- Shared reading, comprehension and vocabulary

- Thinking prompts for creative problem solving

- Socio-emotional skills with group discussions

- Storytelling, Speech and Drama

- Introduction to reading and writing

- Multicultural children’s literature

- Self Expression Days to build confidence

1 hour, once a week, offered at all our locations

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Level 3 - Words and Beyond

Creative Communication workshops for ages 8-10

- Design thinking with team work

- Reading fluency and word play

- Debates and public speaking

- Comprehension strategies

- Creative writing

90 minutes, once a week, offered at select locations

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Our Story

A mother’s passion to make a difference led to the birth of Little Readers’ Nook in 2012.


Former software geek, eternal bookworm and now mum of 2, Devaki Bhujang Gajare believes in the power of reading to spark independent thinking.

As a young mum Devaki struggled to raise readers in a digital age. She soon identified the problem - children saw reading as a task, not pleasure! Devaki began reading to kids around her, bringing stories alive through conversations, art, games and drama.

The little ones were not just hooked, the leap in their thinking skills amazed parents.

As word spread, other mums and educators joined the cause. What began as a fun home experiment in 2012 blossomed into a beautiful collaborative enterprise called Little Readers’ Nook.

The initiative has grown beyond our wildest dreams since then, challenging over 10000 kids to read and think in over 25 cities across India and beyond today.



Some of the prestigious schools, clubs and events who have hosted our sessions

Kings' School Al Barsha, Dubai

The Heritage School, Kolkata

Bombay Scottish School, Mumbai

Jamnabai Narsee School, Mumbai

The Somaiya School, Mumbai

Goldcrest High, Navi Mumbai

Sherringwood World School, Indore

Kala Ghoda Arts Festival, Mumbai

Kolkata Arts Lane Festival, Kolkata

Bhau Daji Lad Museum, Mumbai

Tata Memorial Hospital, Mumbai

Shri Ram Global Preschool, South Delhi

Blooming Tree, West Delhi

Klay Preschools, Mumbai and Pune

Toddler’s Den, Mumbai and Ahmedabad

The Happy Studio, Dubai

The Little Company, Mumbai

The Catholic Club, Bangalore

Krazy Kids Karnival, Mumbai

One with Nature, Mumbai

The Hobby Place, Mysore

STAR TV Annual Family Day


Believe in our #ReadToThink vision? Join our vibrant team to build your local nook. Together, we’ll spread the Little Readers’ Nook magic in your neighbourhood!

We seek mums or educators with:

  • A passion for teaching and reading with kids

  • English fluency, flair for drama, sense of fun

  • Commitment to ethics and excellence

  • Business orientation to grow your own venture

We offer you:

  • A chance to be a thought leader

  • Training and a well-planned curriculum

  • Membership of a dynamic and nurturing team

  • Branding and marketing support

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