READ to inspire

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Our exciting new approach is transforming how young India reads, thinks, communicates!

Join us in our quest.

Learning through Emotive Stories is Memorable, Powerful.jpg

We teach through emotive stories.

The action, colour and emotions in stories excite children's attention in a way facts never can.

This makes learning through stories powerful and memorable.

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We discover language, people, ideas.

Kids meet diverse people and discover new ideas in multicultural books.

The rich language introduces new vocabulary, boosts comprehension and models quality creative writing.

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We foster 21st century life skills.

Understanding how people think fosters empathy. Predicting solutions to their challenges builds creative thinking.

As kids share ideas, they practice collaboration and communication through speech and writing.

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We brew joyful experiences.

Kids dig deep into world class children’s literature with our magical brew of book reading, oral stories, art, drama, games, probing questions and open-ended conversations.

Self expression blossoms with our warm small group approach.