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As mums we know your struggle, as book-lovers we have a solution! Little Readers’ Nook is changing India’s reading culture, one engaged child and one amazing book at a time!
— Devaki Bhujang Gajare, Mum of 2, Founder and Book-lover-in-chief, Little Readers' Nook


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Thoughtful Reading Enrichment Sessions

- Outstanding world children's literature that showcases rich language is the foundation of our programs.

- Our experts design fun action-packed activities that address different learning styles to enhance book appreciation.

- Story educators and kids meet every week to read, perform, think, comprehend, imagine and talk around amazing books.


- With sustained engagement, we promise an astounding transformation that stays with your child for life!

- Our Little Readers don't just read, they connect with books and find inspiration in them.

- Thoughtful readers and expressive tellers, they are tomorrow's Leaders in the making.

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Devaki Bhujang Gajare, a software analyst in New York returned home to start a children’s book club in Mumbai. Why?

A book-lover myself, I found children’s preference for gadgets over books alarming.

I knew the magic of books, so I simply began reading to kids around me, bringing stories alive through discussions, art, games and drama. The little ones were hooked!
— Devaki Bhujang Gajare, Mum of 2, Founder and Book-lover-in-chief, Little Readers' Nook

As word spread, other mothers expressed a desire to weave the same magic in their own community. A network of mums and educators with a shared vision was created in 2012.

This network has grown beyond our wildest dreams, challenging 1000s of kids to read and think in over 25 cities across India and beyond today.



My daughter comes back and narrates the most amazing stories. Her imagination is on fire!
— Reema Srichand, Little Readers' Nook parent
The sessions help us teach the value of reading books, particularly now when kids are hooked on iPads!
— Radhika Vedula, Little Readers' Nook parent
Agastya has become very imaginative and attentive. I consider this class a great investment for kids!
— Ruchika Saraf Daga, Little Readers' Nook parent
The activities enrich each story. Thank you for helping us kindle the passion for books in our child!
— Vrinda Pasula, Little Readers' Nook parent



Ages 2-3: Parent-Child Story-times

• Read aloud and picture book walks
• Parent-child bonding
• Messy play and art
• Action games and rhymes
• Play with words

Weekly sessions foster listening skills, letter and word knowledge, love for books!


Ages 4-7: Early Literacy Play-shops

• Mindful telling and reading
• Doodles and drama
• Vocabulary games
• Book reviews
• Design thinking with twists in the tale

Weekly sessions foster vocabulary, comprehension, oral communication, empathy!


Ages 8-10: Language Arts Workshops

• Buddy reading and comprehension strategies
• Contextual vocabulary and word attack games
• Debates, group discussions and presentations
• Design thinking and process drama
• Writing exercises

Weekly sessions foster reading fluency, oral and written communication, creative thinking!



Outside India . . .

Simran, 0553505570

Nayana, 41787676175

Hong Kong
Mala, 60122075734

Aarthi, 81284906058

Sonam, 823233238

Mumbai - South & Central . . .

Marine Drive
Duja, 9930311151

Malabar Hill
Amrita, 9821670704

Nitisha, 9833185101

Dipali, 9769324262

Shivaji Park
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Khushbu, 9821410765

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Mulund West
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Mulund East
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Mumbai - Western Suburbs . . .

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Santacruz West
Sarita, 9821175055

Geetu, 9821621210

Geetu, 9821621210

Anindita, 9820700954

Vile Parle East
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Archana, 9867194449

Tasneem, 9769282322

Goregaon East
Smita, 9819790377

Malad East
Suchi, 9870296113

Kandivali East
Priya, 9096060007

Mumbai - Navi Mumbai & Thane . . .

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Raashi, 9619564848

Raashi, 9619564848

Amrita, 9987721713

Vartak Nagar
Amrita, 9987721713

Hiranandani Estate
Subha, 9867963972

Delhi, Gurgaon, Noida . . .

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Civil Lines
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Bangalore . . .

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Kolkata . . .

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Hyderabad . . .

Hitech City
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Sruthi, 9959408080

Giridhari Park
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Pune . . .

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Koregaon Park
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Kalyani Nagar
Suman, 8008022994

South & West India . . .

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Hemalatha, 9790922443

Rashmi, 9823213532

Saylee, 9049810030

Deepali, 7387096407

Avni, 9099922523

North & Central India . . .

Gunjan, 9893826411

Stories & Beyond, 9826067973

Ishdeep, 9669575000

Illuminatrix, 7028021162

Mona, 9839179722



Believe in our vision and keen to develop a Little Readers' Nook in your neighbourhood?

The Opportunity:

Join our team and build your own kid-centric startup as you conduct our programs in your locality.

Our Promise:

  • Comprehensive training
  • Supportive team interaction
  • Complete curriculum - books, props, lesson plans, handouts
  • Marketing assistance
  • Flexibility to choose your own schedule and workplace

Our Requirements:

  • Passion for teaching and books
  • English fluency
  • Flair for drama and a great sense of fun
  • Commitment to ethical practices, excellence and teamwork
  • Dynamism to grow your own venture


What are Language Arts? . . .

Language arts are the use of language to communicate ideas — by reading, writing, viewing, listening and speaking.
Skills covered include reading proficiency, vocabulary, comprehension, grammar, public speaking, writing.
Language is the basis of all thought — the best ideas are worth sharing with the world!

What are Life Skills? . . .

Life skills are the ability to independently deal with challenges of life. This includes learning to share, making new friends, mastering a skill or planning a trip for example.
Skills covered include creativity, communication, problem solving, decision making, empathy, managing people and emotions.
Life skills allow us to navigate a demanding life with joy and confidence.

How do you use childrens books to promote Language Arts and Life Skills? . . .

Good children's literature is rich in language and thought — new words, multicultural themes, interesting characters caught up in tricky situations… !
We curate award-winning books from around the world and design holistic activities to promote book appreciation and interaction.
Kids learn to read and write in school. We take them a step further: thinking beyond books to form their own views, effectively collaborating to display and nurture ideas.
Our small group size and warm fun-oriented approach ensures even reticent children express themselves freely and with confidence!

What happens in your sessions? . . .

A mix of stories, teacher-led thinking and communication routines, and child-led creative play:
• Energiser song, drama or game
• Interactive narration with story imagery
• Read alouds, picture book walks
• Discussions, games, drama, art-craft and play — to reinforce vocabulary, and recall, reflect upon and rejig stories
• Independent or buddy reading and writing (ages 7+)

What learning outcomes can I expect? . . .

Over time, your child will learn to:
• Listen thoughtfully, imagine freely
• Communicate confidently using a rich vocabulary
• Show keen interest in exploring books
• Comprehend and think critically to extend reading
• Read with proficiency, write with ease (ages 7+)

Why don’t you teach my child to read? . . .

Learning to read is only the first step in your child’s journey as a successful reader and learner. This basic skill is taught in school.
Purposeful reading — to seek out new things or for pleasure — requires far more - vocabulary and comprehension, critical and creative thinking, communication and collaboration.
Developing ‘soft’ skills to navigate real life problems are our focus at Little Readers’ Nook.

Why a weekly session? How long should my child attend? . . .

• A weekly session allows us to unlock reading goals without overwhelming the children.
• The gaps between sessions offer kids time to reflect and connect to stories.
• Exploring language, enjoying books and building life skills is a continuous process.
• We therefore recommend your child attend our sessions on a continuous basis.

We make each story count as we channel its power to prod your child to think creatively and critically. Please allow our thought provoking book appreciation activities time to weave their magic!

Will my child be able to retell stories at home? . . .

Most kids respond better to interesting discussions rather than overt questioning. Use our story recap and food for thought tips to get your child talking!

What can I do at home to support my child’s journey as an engaged reader? . . .

Read together everyday! Let kids choose books, or use our themed booklists.
Communicate often, integrate our vocabulary and food for thought tips into daily conversations.
Create experiences around stories — follow up in-class lessons with real life stories and other teachable moments.
Reflect on our handouts to recall words and stories. Add twists to the tale. Please do send the Little Readers’ Nook file to class each week.